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30 May 2005

who'da thunk?

this weekend, i had the kind of weekend that people usually only have in hugh grant movies. i'll spare you the exactities (<-- i'm suspicious that's not a word, i just didn't want to say 'details') and just say that i head into this week with many less demons than i left last week with. and i have a girl (gasp!!!) to thank who i'm not sure will ever read this, but who in a simple gesture really turned me on my ear.

if you're wondering how this will affect any songwriting efforts on my part, i am too. I'm tempted to think it'll be good. evolution and all that, you know? there are plenty of things to write about other than demons, and maybe you don't even really need many demons to write about them. besides, somedays i think emo has been done to death. and all the guys who write the best emo refuse to self-apply the term, anyway.

basically, i wouldn't worry too much if i was you*. i'm not having a baby or getting married anytime soon. those are the things that really make people write shitty songs.

* the realist in me fully understands that nobody is worried about this.

1 comment:

  1. You could always go the post-modern route and write a song about how it's hard to write an emo song when you've got an awesome chick.